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Executive Reviews

Love this Product

Living in the south this product has helped control the mosquitos around our property! Thank you so much!

Best product ever

This is the best product ever sold! We live right near wetlands and before the Mosquito Magnet we couldn’t even step one foot in our back yard. It even rid the yard of gnats! I love being able to use the yard again.

Impressive design

I bought this unit about 3 months ago. Yes, it’s rather expensive but worth the price. We have definitely noticed a reduction in mosquitos, gnats and another biting fly I couldn’t identify. I unfortunately purchased this unit a little late in the season and missed the peak time to get those biting buggers, but still have noticed a difference. Maintenance is made easy with the CO2 cartridges and the removable traps. I am overall happy with the unit and am thinking of purchasing another before next spring.

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Executive Features are Worth the extra price!

I purchased the Executive over the Independence after debating if it was worth the extra money. I had owned a Mosquito Magnet for 10 years at my old house. All of the problems, and changes I wish my original Magnet had the new Executive had the answers to them all with additional features that I feel are well worth the extra price.

Independence Reviews

Long time user!

This is my second Mosquito Magnet. The first one lasted about 10 years. I live out in the country and have a pool. I wouldn’t spend a summer without this great product.

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A Rock Star

We live lakeside in Haliburton Ontario. 4 weeks ago we avoided going outside at any time - period. With the new trap between the house and dock we now walk to and sit there with almost none of the pests bothering us. The difference is like being this swarmed as this year’s American Idol winner or the being the runner up from 10 years ago where nobody even knows you exist.

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